I'm is a Node.js and front-end developer who is at home anywhere in a project anywhere from the API to the UX. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in software Engineering from the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ. Lately I've found a stack of Hapi, Postgres, React, Babel, Webpack and CSS Modules to be a pretty nice fit for creating exceptional user experiences. Above all, I believe that software is about people.


Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ES2015+
  • Node

Front-End Tooling

  • webpack
  • gulp
  • grunt
  • node

Hosting / CI

  • heroku
  • firebase
  • digitalocean
  • surge
  • travis

CSS Processing

  • postcss
  • less
  • sass

JS Frameworks

  • react
  • backbone
  • jquery
  • redux

Data Visualization

  • d3
  • animation
  • responsive

Work Experience (4)

JavaScript Developer
January 2013 - Current

Developed web applications for clients and internally using Node.js and a variety of front-end technologies like React, Webpack, and ES2015.

  • Led front-end development of multi-platform single page app for CAA's music clients to plan and route worldwide tours
  • Developed the front-end and parts of the API for the Node Security Platform's public and admin interfaces
  • Wireframed and developed front-end and application server for Heroku data visualization to showcase Kafka addon
  • Created and maintained and extracted open source software from projects
Front-End Developer
February 2011 - January 2013

Led development of front-end solutions to be used across different teams creating marketing sites for Genentech and other clients

  • Consolidated marketing sites to use a single front-end framework and shared plugins with require.js
  • Wrote plugins for multi-platform analytics, glossary word highlighting, and push state navigation for use across all sites
  • Researched and prototyped a multi-choice quiz application using only JavaScript to replace a legacy Flash solution
Web and Game Developer
February 2010 - February 2011

Managed front-end development emphasizing code reuse and repeatable deployment patterns of 100+ marketing sites

  • Managed a team creating front-end templates for a large stable of MVC data driven sites with an emphasis in cross-browser compatibility and HTML & CSS reuse
  • Worked as a team member writing full stack code (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS) for MVC websites
  • Wrote custom tooling to ease developer experience in writing, managing, and deploying many concurrent projects
  • Developed game logic AS3 classes, PHP and JS to create a isometric Flash games for deployment to Facebook
Web Developer
Mosaic Team
December 2008 - February 2010

Developed front and back-end solutions for small business clients using PHP and JavaScript

  • Created custom season ticketing interface for local theaters to use
  • Developed template editor for clients to customize sites for their small business
  • Communicated with coworkers, supervisors and clients about project goals and results

Education (1)

Software Engineering
University of Advancing Technology
2005 - 2008
Grade: 3.73


Static Showdown

gifchess.clubStatic Showdown – Chess combined with animated webcam GIFs. Built with Ampersand, LESS, and Firebase.